We offer various types of mill stand such as C.I casted stands, steel fabricated stands,steel casted stands,gun metal type stand, bearing type stand etc. Size ranges from 250 mm PCD to 500 mm PCD and has an operational speed of upto 30 m./sec

Technical Specification:
3 hi Stands and 2-Hi Stands
Center Roll Fixed Type Stands
Bearing Type Stands
Gum Metal Type Stands
Mill Stands Ranging from 6" PCD to 24" PCD.
C.I. castingstands
Steel Fabricated Stands
Steel Casted Stands

Salient Features:
Compact and Simple Design
Ensures Quick Roll Changing
Independent operation of Screw Up/Down mechanism and non drive ends
Minimum maintenance and down time


Salient Features:
Torsionally rigid steel fabricated body designed to dampen vibrations
Designed to work efficiently at peak loads
Case hardened and grinded double helical gears
Amply rated bearings
Splash lubrication
Forced lubrication

Technical Specification:
Single, Double and Multi Stage Reduction Gear Boxes as per requirement.
Gear boxes for 100HP to 2000HP.
Gears in Module and DP system.