The bodies of the Pinion Gear Box are accurately machined,totally enclosed, oil tight, having a sufficientlubrication system and dust proof.
The bodies are made from steel plates to cover the risk of any breakage.
Thegears of Pinion gear boxes are made of En-9, or En-24,forged steel as per customer's requirment.
The gears are made in D.P. and module formula with single or double nelical teeth.
The Pinion gear boxes are made 3 hi or 2 hi as per order suitable for 6" to 36" PCD mills.
Imported double roller (self aligned) bearings imported are used and the oil seals areprovided outside the bearings to protect the oil leakage.
All Parts are checked during and after manufacturing, and a full speed trial is carried out to verify smooth operation


For cutting of Blooms/Billets upto 200x200 mm& M.S.Slab upto 450x125 mm.
M.S.Plate upto 75 mm and also capable for cutting o Rails,
Girders, Channels, Rounds Plates, Squares, Angles & many type of Re-rollable material etc. as per requirment.
Hot and Cold Crop End Shearing Manchines for cutting of Channels, Round, Plates, Squares, Angles, Flats and varirety of other sections.
PneumaticSnap. shears Flying Shears.
Alligator Shears 100 to 600 mm (Vertical/horizontal) Circular Hot Saw Machinrs.
Rotary Shearing machine (Fix and Swivell type